Monday, April 19, 2010

i love piranhas

24: they are so beautiful..*face to me
08: yes they are..*lookin deep the object
24: do you like them..?*smile
08: i think..yeah..
24: why..?
08: mm, nothing..*smile
08: i wanna swim with them..bitting my finger til' bleeding..and.....
24: and what..?*look so confused
08: i think they are hungry so bad..
08: i hope they will eat me til' i die..
24: don't you ever say like that..*lil' bit mad
08: *smile..i wanna die down...just disappear..
08: and you can use my bone..for against the world..*kissing her deeply and go away..

(this is just my imagination..i wish this scripts become real..)

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